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Motorist Advisory

from the

Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School


A Joint Unit of the Yarmouth Police & Dennis Police Departments



School has reopened in the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District. Please allow extra time for your commute and be mindful of children walking to school and at bus stops, slower traffic due to school bus activity and increased traffic around schools during drop off and dismissal times. Police officers in both Dennis and Yarmouth will be stepping up vehicle and traffic enforcement efforts to ensure a safe start to school. Some areas of Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) we tend to concentrate on at this time of year are listed below, along with the penalties.

MGL Ch. 89 §11 Crosswalk Violation - $150

• Blocking a crosswalk,

• Pass a motor vehicle stopped at a crosswalk,

• Failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk


MGL Ch. 90 § 8 Junior Operator License Passenger Restriction Violation

• 1st offense: 60 day suspension + $100 reinstatement fee

• 2nd offense: 180 day suspension, Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course + $100 reinstatement fee

• 3rd or subsequent offense: 1 year suspension, Driver Attitudinal

Retraining Course, Full Exam


MGL Ch. 90 §13A Seat Belt Violation - $25

• $25 for each additional passenger not wearing a properly adjusted seat belt

• Passenger can also be directly fined $25.

MGL Ch. 90 §14 Failure to Stop For A School Bus When Red Lights Are Flashing

• 1st offense: $250

• 2nd offense: $1000

• 3rd or subsequent offense: $2000


MGL Ch. 90 §14 Operating (following/stopping) Within 100 Feet of a School Bus

• 1st offense: $35

• 2nd offense: $75

• 3rd or subsequent offense: $150


MGL Ch. 90 §15 Railroad Crossing Violation (School Bus) - $500

MGL Ch. 90 §17 Speed Limits (School Zone) - Graduated Fine $tructure

• $50 for up to the first 10 miles per hour over the speed limit;

• Add $10 for every mile per hour above that.

• A $50 surcharge will be assessed in addition to the fine to be divided between the Head Injury Services Treatment Fund and the General Fund of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

• Additional Junior Operator License penalties

1. 90 day suspension

2. Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course & State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) Program

3. $500 reinstatement fee

4. Full Exam

MGL Ch. 90 §8M Use of a Mobile Phone or Mobile Electronic Device by a Junior Operator

• 1st offense-$100, 60 day license suspension & attitudinal course

• 2nd offense-$250, 180 day suspension

• 3rd or subs offense-$500, 1 year suspension


MGL Ch. 90 §8M Improper Use of a Mobile Phone by Operators 18 and Over

• 1st offense-$35 assessment

• 2nd offense in 12 months-$75 assessment

• 3rd offense in 12 months-$150 assessment


MGL Ch. 90 §8M Sending/Reading Text Messages

• 1st offense-$100

• 2nd offense-$250

• 3rd or subs offense-$500

MGL Ch. 90 §8M Negligent Operation & Injury from Mobile Phone Use Criminal Offense- Insurance surcharge

Junior Operator License (JOL) Suspensions

• 1st offense-180-day suspension

• 2nd or subsequent offense within 3 years-1 year suspension

• $500 reinstatement fee

Over-18 suspensions

• 1st offense-60-day suspension

• 2nd or subsequent offense within 3 years-1 year suspension

• $500 reinstatement fee

Familiarize yourself further with MGL Ch. 90 §8M, the “Safe Driver Law” in our Laws & Legal Updates section.


Please allow extra time for your commute.

We wish you safe motoring.